How to Operate Your Home Store

Mr. Fix-It Quick Tips IV
(Tips 40-52)


Do you want to keep in touch with your customers but lack the time to write material? Let Quick Tips do the talking for you. With Quick Tips, you can market your services while providing useful information to your customers. Each Quick Tip includes a high-resolution color illustration and professionally written message.

Customize for Your Business

Quick Tips are provided as an electronic text and image file. Add the content to an e-mail newsletter, a Constant Contact message, a website, newsletter, or even a printed handout. Use the material almost any way you like. Simply add your logo and contact information.

Tips 40-52
  • 40. Polarity? What Is That?
  • 41. Your Nose Knows It Is Time to Clean the Disposal
  • 42. Flood from the Washer Hose!
  • 43. How To Paint Over Dark Paneling
  • 44. An Easy Fix for Rust Stains on Clothing
  • 45. Knock Knock - It Is Your Plumbing
  • 46. That Doggone Leaky Garden Hose
  • 47. Squeaky Floor? Try this Fix Down Under
  • 48. Remove Oil Stains from Your Driveway
  • 49. Foundation Problems? Check Your Gutters
  • 50. Clothes Washer Filling Oh So Slowwwwwly
  • 51. Candles, Yes - Soot, No
  • 52. Restore Your Plastic Laminate Countertop

Once you purchase Quick Tips, you are allowed unlimited use, except in publications for resale. If you would like to order Quick Tips, please contact us.

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